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For me, the basis of a happy, fulfilled, free and safe life is a meaningful professional activity - in the best case even your callin.

I started my one-year coaching training directly in the year I founded my security agency SOS-Stalking – in 2015 – with the idea in mind to be able to underpin the new kind of help I was offering from now on beyond the police for victims of stalking with some well-founded tools. It was important for me not only to be able to offer my strategic advice based on criminal psychology or operative measures in the highly explosive situations in which the women were also exposed to real dangers, but at the same time to be able to support the process of healing and growth of a new consciousness with professional means of personal development. For this I set out to learn coaching alongside my quite demanding work and new learning on all levels – because I was just evolving from a civil servant to an entrepreneur. I had already guessed that something special was waiting for me. But what came next was so much more. Because coaching is not just a cognitive matter for which I simply learnt a few theories by heart; at its best, coaching always has to do with myself. And it did. So I embarked on a journey to discover myself in a new way that I had not known before. What I didn’t suspect: it would open up completely new worlds for me, reveal secrets about the power of our consciousness and even change my own life permanently.

Key experiences

of my life

Two moments in particular have remained in my memory from this time that have shaped this period for me.
Walt Disney and my longing
I remember very clearly how my everyday life at that time physically constricted me. I lived in Berlin, loved what I did – police, SOS stalking, politics, family – but was on the fast track every day, thinking in to-dos and squeezed into business clothes and high heels. Every day. There was no thought of practising body awareness, healthy eating, inner reflection and breathing deeply in nature on a daily basis. In one of our coaching modules, I courageously spoke up with my topic when it was a question of introducing the entire group to the Disney Method according to Walt Disney. I was used to illustrate it. Twelve pairs of eyes were fixed on me. “I have a longing for nature and grounding. I want to feel sand and grass under my feet. I want to be able to take my morning coffee outside with a deep breath. Every day.” The Disney Method led me through strong emotions to become a dreamer, critic and doer of my inner dialogue and began to build bridges between the conflicting parties within me. The details of that day have long since faded from my memory, but one thing has remained very strong in my inner world to this day: the longing that burned in my heart – which I really felt here for the first time, gave it space and spoke it out. That unleashed power. At that moment, I took the courage and at the same time the decision to pursue it. Today I am living exactly the life I longed for back then. What an inconceivable power…

The bored pony and the stallion

Elsewhere I remember a horse farm where we spent the whole day as a training group. This module was called “horse-supported coaching”, which until then I had little idea of. Rather, the image of an infinitely wide and green meadow on a farm rose in my mind. I was eight years old and saw a horse. A pony that was about the same size as me. Harmless. I have always loved horses, although I had little contact with them. They just attracted me magically. “Don’t go too close, it’ll step on your foot!” my grandma called after me casually. “Okehe!” I called back in my child’s voice, not turning around as I walked. I had a destination. Arriving at the pony, I heard it chewing and watched it silently. It was busy and hardly noticed me. I approached it and stroked its back, its neck, its belly. I was beside myself inside, because in my life I had never met a free-roaming pony in a meadow that I could just reach out to. And certainly not one so bored that I could just touch it. And while I was busy with my inner dance of joy, the pony moved forward. Just a single step – leisurely leg by leg – and stepped on my foot with its rear hoof. I froze – in pain and in shock. And the pony – stopped. And ate. As if I wasn’t even there. There I stood like a pillar of salt. Pinned to the meadow by the bored pony, a dull pain in my foot, far too scared to address the pony. “The foot is broken” I was sure. And the pony: stood. Eating. Feeling comfortable. On my foot. “What’s wrong?” called my grandma, noticing that something was wrong. “Nothing!” shouted back my eight-year-old self. “I guess it’s on your foot?” Oh that’s right, she saw me, “Uh yeah…” “”Push it away then!”” No sooner said than done. I mustered all my courage and braced my little child’s arms against the contented, unsuspecting animal – which didn’t quite understand at first, but then started moving looooong, leg by leg. I waited patiently until it was finally the turn of the leg under which my foot was buried – and finally: I was free! Limping, I walked along the meadow, feeling sorry for myself, until I realised that my foot wasn’t broken at all. It had only hit my big toe, and it hurt….
The earth shook. I was suddenly jolted out of my thoughts and startled. Horses’ hooves hit the ground, clouds of dust swirled up – and two mighty black stallions appeared in the arena as the dust cleared. We all stood crammed into a corner behind an – admittedly pitiful – fence and watched the animals. “Watch them well” was the trainer’s instruction. They ran, made panting noises, walked past each other and raged out all their energies. To me – I had no contact with horses at all in my everyday life – they seemed like forces of nature colliding. The trainer could probably only laugh about it. And yet: I was intimidated and had to collect myself. “Now go up to the horses in groups of two and say hello,” the trainer instructed us when the two had calmed down. What that meant for them was standing in one place, pawing their hooves and snorting to themselves. Before I had even understood what that meant for me now, I was already standing in the square. I was in the front row and the woman next to me had encouraged me to go with her to the horses first thing. Obviously I had said yes and was now walking to the horses, I slowly understood. When I arrived at the stallions, my heart really dropped. There she was again, the eight-year-old. “Don’t get too close, it’ll step on your foot!” she admonished knowingly and I glanced at those mighty black hooves. Not to be compared with my bored pony of yesteryear. This meant destruction.
I saw how my comrade-in-arms had long since arrived at her horse and approached it with ease, stroked it and went into contact. Unthinkable for me. It’s just not in the cards. This black stallion in front of me is oversized and unpredictable in my world. The other woman was long on her way back and an insurmountable fear raged inside me. I took a breath. And with a little help from the trainer, who explained his signals and communication, I finally dared to take the last step towards the horse and greeted him briefly. Wow. That moment when I touched the stallion and looked into his eyes was magical. A beautiful, highly energetic being. I was proud and incredibly fulfilled. Something had happened. At that very moment. The group who had been watching reported afterwards that this wild, impetuous stallion suddenly became calm as I stood in fear before him. He had tilted his head down so that he appeared less large and had been waiting for me. I myself was so preoccupied with my fear that I hadn’t even noticed. This encounter was impressive. I had met my fear, conquered it and encountered a beautiful being who had built a bridge for me. That was the moment when trust came back and I felt my childhood love for horses flow into my life again. Therefore, not only horses play an important role in my life today, but also coaching. I have experienced first-hand how it can change my perspectives, my behaviour and my entire attitude to life. At the same time, it has made me more and more the creator of my best life and my Higher Self.

Only when you know what talents & gifts you were born with, can you understand who you are, what you need and what you can give to the world.

What followed my coaching training was not what I had originally planned, but what life wanted me to do. I did not use my new skills for the stalking victims who sought my advice as a stalking expert, but women kept approaching me who had been impressed by my career path and wanted to be coached by me. So it came about that, in addition to stalking counselling, I have always given business coaching to women who, with my help, have found their calling, set up their career strategy and established professional fulfilment. So, unnoticed, I had become a role model for women. Over the years, I have developed my own method, which I now call “DNA of Your Personality” and which today forms an important core of my coaching sessions. This is usually followed by very individual career questions and topics.

DNA of your personality

core of my coaching sessions

I look forward to supporting you in your career. Together we will decode the DNA of your personality:
We tackle all of these together. No matter what challenges you as a woman are still facing on the way to your heart’s mission, to your fulfilment in your career or to your dream life – if I am your coach, I am looking forward to meeting you! Don’t hesitate and contact me today!

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